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right along the maryland coast. that means rain, wind, and enough cold air to mix in some snow with this thing, and we could have a slushy coating by tomorrow night, but in the meantime, we're still quiet as we finish up the voting here in the state tonight. we talk about the timing of this storm coming up. two hours left. it has been steady and crowded all day. >> that's right. and we will be with you all throughout the night to see how your vote fares. let's go to jeff hagueer who starts our team coverage from dunn barton middle school. >> reporter: the temperatures are drops, but the voting is really starting to heat up again. you can see a lot of people from stonily at their precinct. they decided to shuffle inside so it wouldn't sob cold in there and they could get the
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heat circulate among all of the voters again. we have a graduate student from morgan state university, who has waited in that line, and waited for us so we could talk to her. how long did you spend in there, and how are people dealing with this? did they seem patient? >> everybody seemed pretty patient. i wasn't in for very long, maybe 15, 20 minutes max. >> reporter: all right. we were talking a little earlier. there was so much buildup not only with the presidential race, but the congressional, senatorle race of questions here in maryland. there's been a huge ad blitz. how do you feel today? what issues struck home the most with you? >> definitely the dream act, but, yes, i'm glad. i can't wait to see what happens, the turnout, so i'm excited, but really, the dream act. >> reporter: what did you think overall about the campaign? did negativity sort of run low, or were there times with an
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issue or a candidate, you felt like maybe the gloves had come off and gotten a little more never than you wanted them to. >> well, i don't think it's been any more negative than it's been in the past. i think it's just been pretty steady. so not too negative, not to positive, has been good. >> reporter: overall a good experience? >> absolutely. >> reporter: here the poll workers were telling me inside that at 8:00, one of the workers is going to go to the end of the line, and at literally 8:00 plus one second, it will be too late to get in that line. so if you're in line tonight at 8:00, you'll still get to vote. if not, you're going to be out of luck, at least at this precinct. >> thanks a lot, jeff. one of the big reasons that marylanders are flocking to the poll, all of those ballot questions. >> continuing our team coverage tonight, live from northeast baltimore, talking about the big issues on the ballot.
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>> reporter: here at north woods elementary, voting has been brisk, but the average weight has only been from about a half hour to 15 minutes, just depends on when you hit that line. serve pushing their issue. as you know, question 6 and 7 are two of the biggest issues out there. question 6 is one of the most expensive in the state, and also one of the most emotional. question 6 has been the biggest question for governor mark oh malley who shake shook hands around the state to promote same-sex marriage. >> this bill protecting religious freedom and also treats people equally under the law, and i think that anything
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we can do to strengthen families, and strengthen the protections of children if every household is a good thing, and makes our state stronger and better. >> reporter: now, opponents of question 6 were not idle as well. they were also out in force, and passing out flyers to the many different people, trying to encourage them not to vote for question 6. we will have continued live coverage of this issue tonight. we'll be at both camps in this issue just to make sure that you know what's going on. well, did you vote to expand gambling or to stop rolling the dice? christian shaffer continues our team election coverage as he is setting up shop tonight in national harbor, which hopes to benefit from question 7. >> reporter: i'm here at national harbor, the massive development overlooking the potomac river. this is where supporters of question 7 will watch the
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results come in tonight. question 7 would establish table gaming at all of the state's casinos, and then allow for new casino to be built here at national harbor. i talked with a representative from the maryland board of elections about what it would mean if any of the ballot questions, whether it's question 7 or 4, about the dream act, or question 6 about same-sex marriage, if any of then are too close to call tonight. >> we're going to go through a process of counting all the ballots, which starts tonight, but then we have the absentee canvas starting wednesday, the professional the following wednesday, and the canvas next friday, and then the state board of canvassers will convene and certify the election results, and at that point, there's an official state-certified winner. >> reporter: so there you have it. december 7th is when the final certification of any election result will come from the state, and if someone wants to
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challenge a result and call for a recount, it wouldn't be until after that. it is 6 minutes after the hour. if you're still looking for more information on the questions on this year's ballot, or maybe you're about to vote and need a refresher, just head to we have you all covered for all things election, and we'll have updates on-line as the results start to come in. well, early this morning, there were lines piling up at towson presbyterian church, and despite the wait, voters were in good spirits, and happy to be exercising their right to vote. >> it's really great to see everybody care, and it's an effort to be here. the line, as you see, it snake around, but everybody is here because they want to be here. like they want people to know that they voted. >> and at polls places across the area, most people seem to be echoing the same sentiment. they're just happy to be out there and casting their vote on
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election day. >> the disney world line, huh? >> yeah. >> we're going to take you up to martin county, where the kids are making an impact on the poll. here are students at beautiful bellaire. they were raising money for superstorm sandy victims. >> they're too young to vote, but not too young to make a big difference. >> these kids baked their hearts out, and the donation pails are full, and they're filling bellies as they wait for the polls. abc 2 will be live with the senator & as part of our abc 2 election night coverage. and one of those trying to
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unseat the senator, dan bethea was shaking hand -- bojgino. was shaking hands. today mitt romney cast his election day ballot here near his home in massachusetts before heading out on two final campaign stops in ohio and pennsylvania. he and paul ryan will be watching the election results from boston, massachusetts tonight. the president already cast his ballot in early voting. vice president biden voted today before a home campaign stop in cleveland, and the president plans to play some basketball with friends before a stressful night of waiting for the election results to come in. if you noticed president
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obama looking a little older than he did four years ago? doctors say it's all part of the job. the stress that comes with being president tends to age people more rapidly, and doctors say that presidents age twice as fast while in office. >> he's going to age. he ages 8 years for every four years he's in office on average. we have studied since teddy roosevelt till now. you notice obama got gray hair? well, that's normal. they will age twice as many years as they're in office. >> according to the doctor one of the main reasons they age so quickly is lack of friends. what? says they have few people they can vent to when things get tough. coming up, you can get a great deal by shopping on-line, but getting a great fit can be a lot harder. >> we're going to show you a new website that is helping women to get a real feel for clothing before they buy it.
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>> all of the ads and phone calls all come down to one state. we're going to take you to that one no for yes, sir swing state and show you how they're preparing for tonight.
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are you getting used to the early sunset, and are we set for a wintery wednesday around here? i think we could be looking at a very wintery day. all courtesy of this nor'easter which comes very much unwelcome, of course for new jersey and new york, where that will be the high itself wind
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impact right along these areas. this could be close enough to bring us some wet and yes some slick weather. we'll talk about that in a second. first right now, dark night out there, early sunset, 5:00, we're hided to sunsets at 4:59, 4:58 later this week. yeah, that gives you an idea. it's could. definitely if you're headed out to the polls here. do it with some warm clothing on, and maybe some gloves, too, face you get stuck in a online doors. winds are from the east. it's a chilly night for us. the air temperatures down around 42, 41, and seems like the 30s. wind plus the cold air. and ause the entire region, basically just some additional cloud cover rolling in at the moment. but that's the top edge of this storm moving in here. our nor'easter classic setup. not nearly the power of sandy, of course. this is not a hurricane, but will bring wind, rain, and
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enough cold air wrapping around the back side of the system to bring some wet snow into central maryland, and i think even parts of the eastern shore as the storm begins to move north. it's going to be one those winter-like evenings around here. cold, windy, wet, and a little snow. coastal flood concerns up for della square the maryland beaches, and of course all of southern new jersey and the new york area could see some high tides that won't be welcome. you can see the clouds roll in overnight. rain begins to invade the eastern shore by 9:00. i think the morning commute not too bad, but by 5:00, rain changes to snow, that early sunset occurs, and then wet snow, with up to a slushy inch of accumulation on the high end
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here. again, mixed bag here on i-95 corridor, where i think there will be some slushy coatings to deal with. 32 tonight, clear but cold for the final voting here. tomorrow, 42, cloudy, windy, with those mixed showers moving in. i think more of a snowshower scenario tomorrow night. and again this won't stick right, but it will stick well enough to produce that slushy coating. sunshine on tap for the middle part of the week. 57 saturday, 60 on sunday. veterans day looks good for all of the maryland veterans day parades and activities. a big turn in the weather, once we get through this wintery tight nor'easter, we'll see what happens, but drive carefully tom. you know the sunshine state will have something to say tonight continue >> that's right, president president obama was there on sunday, governor romney there
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yesterday. we have a live report from bartow. all eyes on florida tonight. how is election day going there? >> reporter: well, thankfully so far smoothly. we've been in the news during past elections for all the wrong reasons, but this time around, no reports of major trouble anywhere around 9xzthe state. we are here in polk county, part of the i-4 corridor. a key part of the state that runs from tampa to orlando to daytona beach. itself has been key in past elections, and will no doubt be key again. there were some weather issues in pinellas county that caused a power outage. this is interesting. some robotic calls went out from the supervisor of elections in pinellas county telling people that they had until 7:00 tomorrow night to vote. obviously that was a mistake. those calls were supposed to end last night. but maybe to tell you how things are going in florida, one supervisor of elections sent out a tweet that said he got a complaint that they used
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blue tape to draw a line in one of the polling places, and that was sort of a subliminal message to vote democrat. so if that's the worst problem be we have in the sunshine state this time, it will be a successful election. it was obama in 2008. we'll see what happens this time around. >> i saw some video of somebody passing out there because of the heat? >> reporter: sorry, couldn't hear you exactly there, but we are getting killed by mosquitos here, so it tells you that down in florida, even in november, things are a little warm, but early voting was something that was a built of an issue. people were wondering what was going on. there were long lines around the state. the amount of time people had to early vote was cut down by the republicans, who are the leaders in the state house, them democrats said that that was voter suppress. the republicans said they had plenty of time to vote. but no doubt early numbers for
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early voting was down, so we'll see how that plays out tonight. tonight's consumer alert. next time you go out to purchase a new car, going to have one less option. suzuki plans to stop selling cars here in the u.s. they filed for chapter 11 today. low sales and high production costs have hurt suzuki, so they will shift their folks you to motorcycles and off-road vehicles here in the united states. almost impossible to tell how clothes will fit without trying them off when you buy online. but a website rent the runway showed a site where you can look at pictures of other customers in them clothes. you can even enter your owner height, weight, and shape size,
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and see other women built just like you wear wearing the clothes. there's an app to help. into now is an app to help you interact with others while watching election results tonight. the app congress plus helps you learn about virtually every member of the senate and house. isn't that exciting? and there is an app where you can play fact checking about your candidates. really the best place to track the election is with us. log on to for all the latest updates. as soon as the polls shut down at 8:00, we'll have the results, and have it for you right here on abc 2 and >> and we're a lot more entertaining. >> yes, we are. >> here is what is coming up tonight on abc 2:
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wow, there have been countless polls leading up to the election, and what would sway voters. this is a poll i would really like to be a part of. >> restaurants in d.c. are are trying to base the outcome of the election on what voters are
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eating. cupcakes and cookies are decorated for the election, and they have a tally goes on facebook. both places trying to compare their own polls with the actual election results. that could be fattening. >> that's right. right there. here we come. >> between that and the redskins, all kinds of predictions here. >> and 7-eleven, too. >> i'll tell you this much, guys, you still have 90 minutes to get out there and go vote real quick. weather still looks pretty good. it will get cold tonight within down to 32. look for wind chill physician the 30s over the next hour and a half. look at these temperatures now. we're at 38 in towson, we're in the 30s in many, many spots. so just a little bit of a breeze, and it feels more like the mid-30s. again, all eyes on this storage for the day after the election. this thing whether ramp-up and
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make a close path to the new jersey coast as we go further out in the forecast. we think just a light coating for most of central maryland and the eastern shore. the accumulations won't be heavy, maybe up to an inhave been on the high end, just enough to sort of irritate us after sand isy, i think. >> let's roll down the rest of the night here. we're go to dianne sawyer in d.c., and then we'll be here right after the polls close. >> and then just before 9:00 as well. >> we're going to have ryan and josie from m&t bank stadium. reporting on the events there. >> and then christian will be live at national harbor with the questions about the gambling. local issues we'll be watching,
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and national, of course. >> we'll be on-line at have a good evening.
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